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Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

19 de outubro de 2022 20:49   Mulheres   Garça   86 vistas Código: 165

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After flattery, Tianyu continued to eat fiercely. Tianyu's mother took one look at Tianyu and asked carefully, "Son, can Mom ask you a question?" Tianyu grinned and said, "Mom, what are you talking about?"? Have you asked your son for instructions? Mom looked at her old man again and asked softly, "Son, are you and Peggy taking some protective measures?" As soon as Tianyu heard his mother's words, he knew what she meant. He shook his head and said, "No, Mom, do you want to have grandchildren?" Tianyu's parents nodded. Tianyu thought, "Yes, it should be so long. If you want to give birth, you have already given birth to seven or eight. How come I haven't burst out a boy now?"? Was the little brother struck by lightning? But it seems to work. I don't understand. Tianyu said, "Dad, mom, I don't know about this, but it's all right. Otherwise, if you want to give birth, you will give birth to six or seven grandchildren at once. You will be very busy." Mother thought that since she had talked about it, she said, "Son, you are young now, and this matter is not urgent, but the reason must be found out. Son, when will you go to the hospital? Don't be afraid of embarrassment. Mom will accompany you." Tianyu shook his hand and said, "Mom, I don't want it. I'm going to check it. I'll go alone. We'll discuss it again. This dish is going to be cold. Hurry up and eat it!" What else did my mother say? My father pulled my mother's clothes, and the two elders bowed their heads and began to eat. Tianyu was really afraid that his mother would continue to ask about this, so he quickly scattered people. After dinner, of course, they had to take a walk first. As Tianyu walked, he thought, "Laner must have this idea, too. It's probably because they don't say it. If they don't give birth,micro gear motor, it's good for Laner. Otherwise, they can't go to college with big bellies.". I may be really broken by thunder, but this is good, otherwise, the house is covered with a little bit of small, crying all day, making trouble, this day is not going to live. Besides, if only the extra birth fee is fined, Lao Tzu will be punished to be poor, and it will be regarded as a contribution to the country's family planning. Tianyu smiled and did not put the matter in his heart. Walking to the lake, Tianyu sat in the shade of a tree, took out a fishing rod from the Jiulong Ring, and caught a fish. Blowing a little warm wind in early spring, Tianyu leisurely looked at the white flowers in the sky, and did not think about anything, just staring. Zuo Xiaoyu had lunch at this time, also came out to walk slowly, walked to the lake, 12v High Torque Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, Zuo Xiaoyu saw Tianyu actually fishing, smiled and walked past. The breeze brought a delicate fragrance to Tianyu's nose. She found that Tianyu was quiet and satisfied at this time. She said to herself, "If Ruyan can't follow Tianyu, it's really the loss of Nizi. In the evening, I will enlighten Ruyan again. Whatever I say,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, I will let Nizi become Tianyi's person.". Tianyu this child is really, such as smoke so beautiful, unexpectedly also do not take the initiative to chase. There are too many beautiful girls next to him. 。 ichgearmotor.com

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