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Fairy Sword asks for love

19 de outubro de 2022 21:08   Homens   Adamantina   166 vistas Código: 175

Cidade: Adamantina

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Jiang Ming turned his head to look at me: "You say how powerful the Water Warcraft is, that's because as long as there is water, no one is its opponent.". But that's not the case without water. Uh. So, so simple? The weakness of Water Warcraft. Text 149 We felt like a couple of fishermen, picking up a big jellyfish to control the water (B _ d) ~ ~ ~ The sound of the water gradually became smaller, and then turned into a drip. The size of the water Warcraft was completely reduced, and the face looked like the size of a human face. It's like dehydrating seafood. Use salt to marinate again, perhaps still can take off 10 jins of water to come-_-! Jiang Ming waved his hand casually, and the water monster seemed to be pulled by an invisible line, slowly falling down. The sword. "Oh," I quickly handed him the sword, but in my heart I felt. I can't bear it. Do you really want to kill him? Jiang Ming clasped the scabbard with two fingers and shook it gently. The sword came out of its scabbard. The water Warcraft turned into a white shadow and was sucked in by the scabbard. "Ah!" I was dumbfounded: "This.." He's loaded up! Jiang Ming smiled and put the sword back into the sheath. I was worried again: "Well, won't you stab him?" Jiang Ming shook his head. So, it won't get caught? Imagine that the water Warcraft was pitifully curled up into a small ball in the scabbard, or squeezed by the blade, forced to flatten and elongate into a long strip of paper. "No." Jiang Ming handed the sword back to me, and I took it with trepidation, holding it in both hands. Well, it's still as heavy as before. This This can not be explained by modern physics, how this water Warcraft has become so small, this small and light. It can be carried by such a narrow scabbard. Shall we take him away? "Yes." "That.." Is that appropriate? I can't think straight for a moment. Er, the final BOSS of Xianjian is to worship the moon. After the worship of the moon, the worship of the moon will be combined with the Water Warcraft, and then, then Linger will die. This,PET blow moulding machine, this, are we taking a drastic measure now? Now steal the Water Warcraft, then when he comes back to knock down the worship of the moon, he won't. Hee hee, there is no combination of water and Warcraft! Ha-ha! Jiang Ming's idea is very good. I solemnly tied the sword back to my body, and I won't give it to anyone who wants it! Come on, let's go back. I nodded and thought of another question: "Well, the Master of the Worship of the Moon found him missing … …" Will there be any trouble? Jiang Ming said, "Well, why do you worry so much? You worry about this and that.". The most important thing is that we get out of here. Yes, the most important thing after stealing is not to think about where to sell the stolen goods, but to run away cleanly, CSD filling line ,juice filling machine, which is the most important thing. I'm putting the cart before the horse! ﹏! ~~ But I carefully took a step to see three, I will ask her again. I jumped up, two feet spread two hands akimbo, very imposing question: "Mom!"! Who the hell is my dad! You must give me an explanation today! I have recalled this question many times afterwards,water bottling line, and it is really a good question to ask. My mom had a black line all over her face. She gnashed her teeth and said, "What did you say, smelly boy?" 。 gzxilinear.com

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