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Doctor Du Ming _ Xiao Khan

19 de outubro de 2022 20:49   Transex   Garça   84 vistas Código: 164

Cidade: Garça

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Mom touched my head. I don't know why? You and your brother look the same, but their personalities are completely different. Your brother is very steady. Both of you are good-looking since you were young. Your brother is like a little adult. He is very sensible. Whoever sees him likes him. But you get into trouble every day, and you don't make trouble for me every day. In fact, in those seven years, your family was not good to you at all, and I often beat you. Your brother and I didn't say anything out loud to him. I smiled, but I don't remember it at all. Sometimes I miss you and what my mother is like, even if it's a mother who beats me and scolds me. Mom laughed, too. Silly boy, it was because you were not obedient when you were a child that mom beat you. It's too late for me to be happy that you are so obedient. Qi Xiaohong is the daughter of the third cousin? Well, how do you know that. She is more than one year younger than you, and she has been tired of being around you and your brother since childhood. At that time, I teased her, saying that if I liked these two boys so much, who would be my wife in the future. As a result, when you were seven years old,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the three of you went to the mountain to play together, and Qi Xiaohong fell down the mountain like a bloody gourd. Her mother came home with her in her arms and said that Qi Xiaohong told her that one of you pushed her down the hill, but it was you. In order to let your third cousin vent her anger, I hung you up and beat you. When I beat you, you didn't cry. At that time, I cried while beating you. Xiaohong that wench from then on fell into the crazy problem,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Qi Xiaohong her family also how to look at you how not pleasing to the eye. Your father said he would send you away to save more and more trouble, and finally I had to agree. Who knows that within three days your brother drowned again, and when he found you, you squatted on the edge of the lake, holding your brother's shoes in your hands. Mom wiped the corners of her eyes again and went on. After I brought you home, you began to have a fever for several days. When you get well, you'll never remember the same thing again. After the people in the village knew it, they all said that your life was too hard, and that they had to send you out for the sake of the people in the village. I had no choice but to give you to a relative of my family, your adoptive mother's family. Your adoptive mother is my relative, married to a city man. She had no children for many years, Gear Reduction Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and as soon as I sent you to her, she fell in love with you. She took you in her arms and said that the child's eyes were bright like stars. The board was like tofu in my hand, and it broke into pieces carelessly in my hand. I saw what was in the wooden box, a dead cat! It still retains the outline of the cat, and when it sees the air, the cat's hair drifts everywhere,Planetary Gear Motor, revealing the skeleton that has been eaten by ants. The cat was very painful before it died. It had struggled in the wooden box for a long time. The inner wall of the wooden box was scratched by the cat's claws. Everything under the cat was scratched by the cat. I picked up the half of the branch beside me and rummaged in the box. I used a branch to pick out a silk flower from the wooden box. Now I can't see the original color of the silk flower, and the petals have been scattered. These were once treasures. I picked up the silk flowers and smelled them under my nose. There was no fragrance at all. Just the smell of the earth, the smell of decay. ichgearmotor.com

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