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Be reborn as a demon

19 de outubro de 2022 21:06   Mulheres   Farias Brito   219 vistas Código: 173

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In his calculation, he now has the strength of four days, and then work hard, after one or two thousand years, at least can reach five or six days, by that time, if the use of the skills of breaking the moon is more mature, maybe he can raise his strength to twelve days. Just like dealing with the Jade Emperor, dealing with the Tathagata is not without a chance to win. At worst, it also has the power to protect itself. But Kong Xuan's answer poured a basin of cold water on him. Since nine thousand years ago, your strength reached fifteen days, and the Tathagata just broke through twelve days, why did you rank behind him? "Ranking is not important, but strength is important!" Kong Xuan said lightly. He did not take this matter to heart. "As for the ranking, it was decided by Zong Lao Hui. They decided so,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and naturally they had their own ideas." "What kind of organization is the Zong Lao Hui?!" "A group composed of the old generation of sub-gods and gods!" Kong Xuan said. It can be said that it is the ruler of all the known realms beyond the three realms, but it is not in charge of much. "Not much in charge?" "Yes, they only care about very few things now. In fact, they only care about two things. One is that the second God will be promoted to the God, and they will send out the fire symbolizing the God.". It is to deal with the disputes between the gods and the sub-gods, as well as between the gods. "Other than that?" "Other than that, I haven't seen them in charge of anything!" Kong Xuan said, "And, boy,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I remind you that before you become a God, you'd better not have any contact with Zong Lao Hui!" "I have to find them if I want to get in touch with them!" Mo Xuan laughed. I should go, kid. I don't have time to listen to you here! Kong Xuandao, "in short.". You have to remember, before the strength has not reached twelve days, absolutely do not think about Tu Sheng this kind of thing, you will not have the opportunity! "I see, thank you for reminding me!" Mo Xuangong said. Layout is a very ingenious work, and it is also a work of striving for perfection. The revitalization of the demon clan is a big chess game, a big scene, want to play this chess game well, the overall consideration is necessary, and in addition to the overall consideration, but also work on the details. The devil is in the details. Every link can not be neglected. This is a delicate and tedious work, Mo Xuan does not like, he likes to hold a beautiful woman to drink, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, sleep, drink again, sleep again, continue to drink, continue to sleep. It's a pity that there won't be many such good days in at least five thousand years.Bastard gas this kind of thing, Mo Xuan can not. Mo Xuan needs them to divert other people's attention and turn all their eyes and attention to them. In this way, the Bull Demon King will be able to do things calmly. <: | If she has the ability to get these big demons out of the ban,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I think she won't interfere. Is it difficult for the Great Demon to get rid of the ban of Lingshan Mountain? It seems a little bit, but if you really do it, it may not be very difficult! ……。 fycgsonic.com

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